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Our Founder's Entreprenurship Journey

Hey there Entrepreneurs, 

Thank you for visiting my webpage and particular this article. I want to share with you my inspiration story of how I got started and how it might inspire you too.

I started this Company with a Vision to inspire over 10,000 students over the next decade by sharing my experience and opportunity I was fortunate to catch at the right place at the right time. 

Along with the Adventurous Journey of Entrepreneurship, I have come across mentors, business owners, entrepreneurs, both valuable and insightful about the upcoming trends and disruption currently happening and going to hit us hard in 2022. 

(Watch this video below and prepare to be disrupted in how you thought the world was)




After hitting the milestone of inspiring over 700 Entrepreneurs in 2017, I have come to a realisation that this issue was much bigger than expected and the root of the problem was our mindset and culture. 

You might disagree on what I say and that's ok because we do have our own perspective in life based on our experience and exposure. 

What I can quote you is this : 

I believe in Education, but not in the School System.

Instead, I believe in Seminars, Online Training because as what Albert Einstein said : 

Chase after Education of your Interest and Passion. Not what society tells you.

That's why this mission has left me a problem to solve to because of the ultimate success: Ikigai = Wealth

Being Wealth and Being Rich has its difference and when I say difference, I meant like a whole different spectrum.

Like Hot & Cold.  

As said by Tony Robbins - Semi-Billionaire and Jack Ma - Billionaire!

So who am I to share all these knowledge with you? What kind of impact have I achieved?

Allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Reagan Goh, known as Singapore Youngest Mobile App Trainer by Singapore Books of Record (It's like Guinness World Record but Singapore Edition) and IT Youth Award Finalist 2018 for more contribution to the IT Sector of Singapore and for inspiration over 700 millennials back in 2017.

I am a Growth Hacker which by definition who is someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers. Sometimes growth hackers are also called growth marketers, but growth hackers are not simply marketers.

and an Affiliate Marketer who managed to bring in over 4 figure sales in a weekend.

I started my Journey since 2012 right after PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examinations) by helping my family business, counting screws. I am serious, screws, nuts and bolts. Replace the screws in its manufacture form and loose form and thereafter transferring them into milk cartons (those 2 Litres) and figure out how many were inside. I was young, and counting one by one was my thought process.

But the reason for doing so has a deeper meaning in it. I learnt 2 life lesson. 

One:  Which is to take life simply, don't over complicate it.

Two:  Find someone more experience than you. 

Which I have concluded, to put these sentence together:

When you don't have something, find someone who has -Reagan Goh