Website Development Course (Mobile Responsive)

Website Development Course (Mobile Responsive)

First Impressions Counts

A website is your's companies spokeperson - a badly maintain website doesn't allow your potential clients to understand your business fully and thus not able to contact you with ease , losing more than 80% chance on losing the deal ! 

But what if you knew how to get a website up LIVE without any hassle with our Website Builder ? 

That's right , our Website Builder has been updated to be optimised for the latest devices including the iPhone 10 ! and it's so responsive (zero lag)  till you won't take more then a blink of an eye to visit the next page ! 

This is possible with the world's very first , PWA technology or otherwise known as Progressive Website Application ! 


Recently , the E-commerce trend has been on the rise and you can't get your hands started but little do people get disappointed with the heavy subscription cost , from USD$30/month onwards for a basic plan , not forgetting many hidden charges like an extra bonus(for the e-commerce platform) charge for every purchase 1-2% on top of your Payment Gateway Charges ! 


Nobody would want a unpleasant experience for facing a fraud charge and a acculmative lost becasue of your subscription rate! 

Thus  in this course , we will guide you on the precaution and tips on setting up your E-store at the most cost-effective way & as a bonus , we will including and introducing new business concepts like DropShipping - where to get products and sell without holding and inventory !